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Hiring an apprentice

Hiring an apprentice: information
for businesses in Portsmouth

Employ an apprentice and your business could receive £1000

As an employer, you want to recruit motivated and enthusiastic staff to join your team. Hiring an apprentice is the perfect opportunity to nurture your own talent and ensure they have all the vital skills needed for you both to succeed. At Creating Confidence, we work with local businesses in Portsmouth to provide apprenticeships in health and social care, children and young people's workforce, and business administration.
  • Government funding of £1000 for eligible employers
  • Cost-effective way to ensure a dedicated, skilled workforce
  • Grants available to subsidise apprenticeship wages
  • Payment of £1000 will be made to eligible employers 13 weeks after the apprentice starts
If your business is keen to introduce an apprenticeship scheme, contact us today.

Financial support for employers with apprentices

The AGE 16-24 grant is available to support businesses to recruit individuals through the Apprenticeship programme. This grant is specifically available for employers employing apprentices between the ages of 16 and 24. 
How to qualify for the AGE 16-24 grant
To qualify for the grant, an employer must meet the following criteria:
  • Have less than 50 employees
  • You have not recruited a new or existing employee for the Apprenticeship programme within the last 12 months
  • You are committing to employ the Apprentice for the full period it will take to achieve the apprenticeship
  • The apprentice must be given a contract of employment for a minimum of 30 hours a week
  • The apprenticeship start date must be after 1st February 2012
  • Eligible employers are entitled to receive up to five grants (one per qualifying apprentice)
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Considering an apprenticeship scheme for your business? To discuss it further, call Creating Confidence in Portsmouth.

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Social care apprenticeships

Social care apprenticeships

Our health and social care apprenticeship scheme is one of our most popular. Are you considering taking on an apprentice in this area? You could be entitled to further financial help through the Workforce Development Fund from Skills for Care. This additional funding is there to support the development of those working within adult social care.

For more information about whether you could be entitled to additional support with funding, contact Creating Confidence in Portsmouth or visit
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