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Preventing young people from turning to terrorism

Prevent is a part of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST)

• Protect - strengthen protection against a terrorist attack 
• Prepare - mitigate the impact of a terrorist attack 
• Pursue - stop terrorist attacks 
• Prevent - stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism 


Channel is the key element of the Prevent part of the strategy. 
Channel is about safeguarding young people and adults from being radicalised and committing terrorist-related activity; through early intervention, it's aim is to protect and divert people away from people and places that could pose a risk to a young persons beliefs and ideologies.
Local authorities, education, health sectors, social services, children’s and youth services, offender management, the police and the local community will all work in partnership to: 
1. Identify individuals at risk of being drawn into terrorism 
2. Assess the nature and extent of that risk 
3. Develop the most appropriate support plan for them  

What can you do?

Every student is different but as their trainer or employer, but you may be the first person to notice changes in behaviour, just as you would with other issues of concern. This is not an easy task but the following points aim to help you. 

Talking can help you make an assessment of views and understanding giving you an opportunity to clarify facts, address any distortion in their views and identify any issues of concern. 
Internet and Social Media 
Watch for radicalisers that use the internet to ‘groom’ young people.
What can you do if you have concerns? 
If you have concerns about someone being involved in extremism or being radicalised, support and advice is available from a range of experts and services who will work together: 
• Internet Matters- provides advice and information about online radicalisation  
• Reporting Online Terrorist Material- 

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